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Artstetten, Castle of Artstetten

Museum & Park

  • Artstetten Castle is a fabulous setting to immerse oneself into the fateful years of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Here the memory of Heir Apparent Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife the Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg is preserved. Both fell victims to a murderous attack in Sarajevo in 1914 and they entered history as the two first victims of World War I.

  • Exhibition “Through a Keyhole: History Telling”: the visitors to the museum encounter the thin line between joy and suffering, life and death, and enter the varied world of the political thinker, reformer, collector, but above all of the family man Archduke Franz Ferdinand. A moving family story comes to life!

  • In the spacious Castle’s Nature Park the visitors wander on the trail of Emperor Franz, Archduke Carl Ludwig and Archduke Franz Ferdinand. On the 6 hectare large ecological parkway one can discover the beauty and mystery of this original natural monument. Besides from May till June thousands of peonies bloom in all their glory!

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand-Museum

Why did the car of Heir Apparent Franz Ferdinand stop exactly 2,5 metres in front of the assassin? What happened to the three orphans? These are just some of the questions, which are scrutinized in our exhibition.

Duration: minimum 60 min

Castle`s Nature-Park

During a stroll in the park many highlights can be discovered, like the very old impressive solitary trees, the chestnut avenue on the principles of geomancy, the idyllic pavilion at the pool of Archduke Carl Ludwig, the two “Spuckmänner” and many more.

Duration: about 60 min

The Family Crypt

In 1908 Archduke Franz Ferdinand commissioned the construction of the family crypt. Already 1914 both Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Duchess Sophie became interred here, thanks to the unequal status the interment of Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg in the Imperial Crypt remained barred.

Duration: about 15 min

Artstetten Castle is not only a memorial place, but also a house full of life and a centre of freedom!


Ticket Validity: Year of issue until 1. November

Eligible for one-off entry

Free entry for children until the age of 6

Guided Tours (Duration: about 80 min) only on advance notice (lump-sum € 40,-) in German, English, French, Czech, Spanish.

Reduced Tickets for Senior Citizens and Groups only available at the museum entrance.

Please note

Last entrance 15:30!

Solving riddles for children in the museum: “The great bear hunting” (German only)

Souvenir Shop with a variety of books (focus on k.u.k monarchy, imperial dynasty) and regional delicacies.

Experience the coffeehouse tradition in the Castle’s Café!

Opening hours

1. April till 1. November

Museum, Nature Park, Crypt and Shop: 10 am – 4:30 pm

Castle Café: 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday till Monday, Thursday and public holiday

Further information

Limited access for wheelchair users – please announce your visit in advance!

3 parking areas, 100 until 300 metres away

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