Vienna Technical Museum

On 20 June 1909 the emperor Franz Joseph laid the foundation stone to the Technisches Museum Wien. Today, more than 100 years later, unique objects from the past and the present tell of the lives and works of famous personalities. The Etrich II “Taube” (or “Dove”), for instance, takes us back to the pioneer era of engine-powered flights; the Mercedes W 196 “Silberpfeil” (or “Silver Arrow”) tells us about its striking adventures and the imperial saloon car used by Empress Elisabeth looks back on numerous journeys with its royal owner.

Automatic musical instruments, fully functional steam engines, a lifelike coal mine – the exhibits of the Technisches Museum Wien invite you to be amazed, to participate and to experience. Make your own announcement in the television studio, test the strength of your own voice in the shouting chamber or watch lightning and charges make your hair stand on end.

Furthermore, the Technisches Museum Wien is the owner of the most valuable railway collection in Austria.
Following many years of complex work, these magnificent grand objects have now been restored to their former glory. Selected exhibits, such as Ajax, Steinbrück and others, can now be seen again in the museum.
Fascinating technology – in the Technisches Museum Wien it becomes a real adventure!

Focusing on the immediacy of the visitors’ experience, the Technisches Museum Wien is a place specifically suited for children, young people, and families. Experimental approaches that address all the senses provide people with the possibility of directly exploring technological and scientific phenomena and contexts