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Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace
Combined Ticket Children's Museum & Maze & Zoo

Bring your children and enter into a world of adventure in Schönbrunn Palace; make the most of our new Combi-ticket with a visit to the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace with Maze, Labyrinth, Labyrinthikon Playground & the Zoo!

Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg Monastery
Admission to Klosterneuburg Monastery

Where heaven and earth meet, there is much to experience and to discover.

Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace
Sisi Ticket

The Sisi Ticket takes you on the trail of Empress Elisabeth to Schönbrunn, the Hofburg and the Imperial Furniture Collection.

Vienna, Zoo Vienna
The Schönbrunn Zoo

Schönbrunn Zoo – the oldest zoo in the world and the best zoo in Europe.

Vienna, Capuchins’ Crypt
Capuchins‘ Crypt

You will meet historical events and personal fates in this unique family burial ground of the Habsburg empresses and emperors. Get close to 400 years of Austrian and European history on your tour.

Vienna, Hofburg Vienna
Hofburg Vienna

A single ticket opens the doors to three top attractions of imperial Austria for visitors to the Vienna Hofburg: the Sisi Museum, Imperial Apartments and the Silver Collection.

Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace
Family Pass – combined ticket for Schönbrunn Palace & Schloss Hof Estate

Ideal excursion ticket for families, saving at least 50% compared to purchasing separate tickets. Includes the Imperial Tour at Schönbrunn Palace, the Schönbrunn Palace Children’s Museum and admission to Schloss Hof in Lower Austria, 60 km outside Vienna.

Vienna, Imperial Carriage Museum
Imperial Carriage Museum

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Viennese court, and follow fundamentally different people such as Empress Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz Joseph and Napoleon Bonaparte through their eventful lives.

Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace
Grand Tour – Schönbrunn Palace

The Grand Tour of the palace includes forty-four rooms. As well as the state rooms and private apartments of the imperial couple Franz Joseph and Elisabeth you will also see the precious eighteenth-century interiors from the time of Maria Theresa.

Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace
Classic Pass - Schönbrunn Palace

The Classic Pass combines the Grand Tour of Schönbrunn Palace and four attractions in the palace park in one ticket.


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