Schönbrunn Palace

Together with its Baroque park, Schönbrunn Palace was once the summer residence of Austria’s imperial family. Today Schönbrunn is one of Europe’s finest surviving Baroque complexes and the most popular attraction in Vienna.

Why not give yourself a whole day at Schönbrunn to discover Austria’s largest palace? Immerse yourself in the world of Empress Maria Theresa, Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph I and explore this magnificent building that started out as an imperial hunting lodge.

Schönbrunn Palace takes you on an unforgettable journey through time, back into the world of the imperial Habsburg dynasty. On the Grand Tour and the Imperial Tour you can feast your eyes on magificent ceremonial rooms and opulently appointed salons. After touring the palace we suggest you make time for a stroll through the gardens – the Baroque complex at Schönbrunn Palace includes beautiful parkland, the Palm House, Maze, Gloriette and the famous zoo.

All of this makes Schönbrunn Palace a fascinating monument of Baroque architecture whose historic importance, unique setting and magnificent interiors have been fittingly honoured by inclusion on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.