Schönbrunn Palace Concerts

Vienna at ist best: Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery Schoenbrunn unites everything that makes the city of Vienna special: masterful music, courtly traditions and royal history. The doors of Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery, where Mozart himself once played, open every night to welcome lovers of classical music. The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna awaits you for an enchanting evening of music and singing.

The Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery, an imperial venue offering all modern-day amenities, provides the perfect grand setting fort he Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts. Even Mozart liked the Orangery: in 1785, he conducted the world premiere of his music drama ‚The Impresario‘ here at the Orangery. In 1786, a musical competition between Mozart and Salieri, which was to make music history, also took place here at the Orangery. In the carefully renovated concert hall, a protected monument, you will enjoy extraordinary music with sophisticated acoustics and a fantastic view oft he Orangery garden.

The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna captivates ist audiences with ist precise and accurate interpretation oft he masterworks of Mozart and Strauss. Lively polkas, dremy waltzes, cheerful arias: the varied program offers a careful selection oft he Viennese music that is beloved worldwiede. The program changes daily.
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